FULL-SCOPE DENTAL CARE in redwood city

Smile Gallery

Case A

Before after image

From partial dentures to implant bridge, our patient gained more confidence in her new smile!

Case c

Before after image

Completely restored the upper teeth with all porcelain crowns and improved the patient’s overall smile.

Case b

Before after image

With new and improved crowns & veneers this patient has a much more natural-looking smile!

Case d

Before after image

Improved aesthetics of patient’s smile by replacing old veneers.

Case E

Before— Broken teeth with tooth colored filling.

After — Porcelain crowns significantly enhanced the esthetics and function of these teeth.

Case F

Before- large silver filling
After- replaced to tooth colored esthetic filling

Case G

Before— chipped and misaligned teeth
After- porcelain crowns enhanced the function and esthetics