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How does Invisalign compare to traditional braces?

The best advantage of using something like Invisalign or any other clear aligner is that you don’t have the brackets on your teeth so it’s very aesthetic. Invisalign can be faster than the traditional braces in some cases. They are considered more comfortable than braces definitely because they are clear aligners that you can take on and off your teeth. You would only take them off when you’re eating. But they recommend that you wear them 22 hours a day for the best results.

How long does the treatment take?

The duration of treatment varies on a case by case basis. Most of the patients that I’m treating in my practice take anywhere from six to 12 months.

Can you describe the process of using clear aligners?

On the first visit, we would scan your teeth and take pictures of your profile and bite, and send it all to the company, Candid Pro. In about a week, they give us a proposal of what your teeth would look like and how long it would take to get your teeth nice and straight. Then at that visit, you come in for a consultation with me and we go over everything with you. Once you approve the case, all the aligners are fabricated and shipped to your home.

How often do I need to switch out the aligners?

Invisalign trays, which you are currently using, are designed to gradually move your teeth into the correct alignment. It’s recommended to switch out these trays every two weeks. One advantageous feature of the service I use, Candid Pro, is its innovative approach to monitoring treatment progress. Before you switch out your trays, you use your iPhone to scan your teeth. This scan is then reviewed by the orthodontist handling your case through Candid Pro, in conjunction with my oversight.

This method of regular scanning and monitoring ensures that your treatment progresses as planned and any necessary adjustments can be made promptly. We have observed fantastic results using this system, and you can be assured of close monitoring throughout your treatment. This technology enhances the effectiveness of the treatment and provides peace of mind by keeping both the patient and the dental professionals informed about the progress.

Do I need to sleep with the Invisalign trays or the clear aligner trays?

Yes, you need to be wearing these at least 22 hours a day, which includes the duration of your sleep. The only time you’re taking them off is when you’re eating.

Are there any cases where a patient wouldn’t be suitable for clear aligners?

Some patients may get disqualified if they have a very severe overbite or crossbite, something that really needs the traditional type of braces to fix their bite. For most people, I would say 80% to 90% of my patients, they get qualified to go through with the clear aligner system.

Is Invisalign treatment painful?

Invisalign or any other clear aligner is not painful. There might be some discomfort when you change to a new aligner because it is moving your teeth. We recommend some over-the-counter meds for that and patients usually do fine.

Does dental insurance cover the treatment?

Most insurances have coverage for ortho, which includes braces, and the clear aligners fall right under that category. We normally see about half coverage.

How much does clear aligner therapy cost?

The cost for our office with the Candid Pro clear aligner is $4,000. Some insurances cover anywhere from $1,500 to about $2,000. The remaining portion is very affordable. We offer financing and patients can make monthly payments.

What can I expect at the first visit?

Your first visit would be a consultation with myself and my team and that’s when we would do our assessment and scanning of your teeth and go over all the financials and insurance things. So we look forward to seeing you and helping you get that beautiful straight smile that you always dreamed of.